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Best of Embroidery Hub 2020 Embroidery Hub End of Year Special

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As 2020 comes to a close, we’re looking back at our favorite episodes of Embroidery Hub from the past year. Our new host, Willy, did a great job of hosting this series and even tackled some creative projects and exciting challenges and made a ton of highly requested videos from our subscribers! From teaching you how to complete sublimation on cap embroidery to teaching you how to master Richardson caps at 1000 spm (and let’s not forget our viral face mask tutorials), our Embroidery Hub series took it up a notch in 2020. And so, we’re taking the day to throw it back to our most memorable moments.

Check out all the videos featured in this episode:

Embroidery Essentials

Willy’s first episode! - EMBROIDER a REUSABLE FACE MASK with FILTER (EMB Hub Ep111):

Mass Production Face Mask Tutorial (EMB Hub Ep113):

DIY Latex Gloves | How to EMBROIDER REUSABLE gloves at home (EMB Hub Ep112):

DIY In The Hoop Hand Sanitizer Holder | Free Machine Embroidery Design (EMB Hub Ep114):

Crowd Pleasers

RICHARDSON Cap 3D Puff Embroidery | FREE Embroidery Design (EMB Hub Ep119):

Chenille Embroidery Hack - Varsity Jacket Embroidery | (Embroidery Hub Ep108):

Front and Side CAP EMBROIDERY | FREE Embroidery Design (EMB Hub Ep116):

Challenge Accepted

RICHARDSON CAPS 3D Puff Embroidery Challenge at 1000 SPM:

Personalized SWAG Kids' Hoodies | RUSH ORDER!:

The Ultimate Cap EMBROIDERY CHALLENGE! Multi-Head Vs. Single-Heads:


Patch Embroidery from Start to Finish (Digitizing, Embroidery, Clean up):

Embroidery Master Pieces

Embroider 26 COLORS with ONLY 15 needles!? Pro Tips! (Embroidery Hub Ep103):

SUBLIMATION on 3D Puff EMBROIDERY | Printing and Embroidery on RICHARDSON 112 Cap | (EMB Hub Ep129):

Cap Embroidery w/ 3D Puff Border & STITCH FILL | Free Design (EMB Hub Ep122):

How To Create EMBROIDERED Art | Chroma Luxe DIGITIZING Software | (EMB Hub Ep132):

PORTRAIT EMBROIDERY | NO DIGITIZING Needed | High Profit Potential (EMB Hub Ep125):

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