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Cucumber Face Mask Makes my Husky Crazy

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My huskies almost ate my face! The Cucumber Mask Makes my Husky Crazy! Very funny video!

I've been working very hard lately. I've been editing videos all night. And my complexion leaves a lot to be desired.
I decided to relax and make myself a refreshing cucumber face mask.
I've seen do it. I decided to follow his example.
Of course, my huskies were very happy to take part in this SPA treatment. Unfortunately, they didn't understand why the cucumbers were lying on my face instead of in their bowls. The dogs decided that it was such a fun game. Most of all, the cute husky puppy Olivia tried. Husky Yuki acted decisively. And the humble agouti Monti waited for the end of it all.

The huskies ate my whole cucumber mask and licked my face.
Do you think dog saliva has a cosmetic effect?

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