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EASY Under Armour Face Mask Mod for Air Leak issue DIY Fix any Face Mask Fogging Glasses Issue

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In this video find a solution for your Under Armour Face Mask air leak issue. Note that this may also work on any other mask that is leaking air around the nose.
If you bought one of the Under Armour Sportsmasks, you may have found that its fit around the nose is less than ideal leading to a lot of air leakage. In fact, for us, air leaks around the nose area causing our glasses, sunglasses and safety glasses to fog up. Realistic Under Armour face mask reviews are indicating this as an issue too. Don't forget that for a face mask to work it should not leak air. The more air it leaks the less effective.

I came up with a mod / hack to hopefully fix the UA mask fogging issue. Watch to find out how to do it, what I used and if it works or not! Try this mod to see if you can salvage the Under Armour face mask since you cannot return it and spent a lot of money on it. Let us know how it goes!

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