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Face ID with a Mask Watch Big Sur Big Update for Mac

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0:00 On Today's Apple Daily...
1:03 Face ID with Watch ID?
2:34 Big Sur 11.2 Goes live!
iCave Answers
3:31 iPhone 13 Follows iPad Pro Design?
4:50 iCave Merch?
5:17 Apple Silicon Software Support?
6:28 AirTag Data use
7:51 Mac MagSafe connections
8:48 Non M1X iMac?
9:57 M1 External SSD Heating?
10:51 Higher Spec Mac mini?
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Face ID with Watch ID?
Apple has released iOS 14.5 as expected (I know someone asked last week and I said early this week, so I'll call Monday a win!) It includes the App Tracking Transparency feature as previously discussed, but far more interesting is that Apple has added a new beta feature that allows you to unlock your iPhone with Face ID even when wearing a mask if you have your Apple Watch on, paired to your iPhone, with a passcode and wrist detection switched on.

It's not clear if Face ID still uses some of the face biometrics, or just the attention of looking at the iPhone. You won't be able to use Apple Pay on the iPhone with this feature or authorise purchases from the App Store, but if you're wearing an Apple watch and you need to pay, pay with the watch. I didn't actually set up Apple pay on my iPhone for about a month after getting it as I always pay with the watch when I'm out and about.

This adds more credence in my mind to the idea that iOS 14.5 would be launched at a March event - That's a nice feature to launch with alongside the Privacy features. The beta also included AirPlay 2 support for Apple Fitness Plus on big screens that aren't Apple TV, Joint Apple Card support, Support for PS5 DualSense and XBox Series X controllers, 5G mode for dual sim iPhone 12 and probably more stuff that people will find over the coming days.

Big Sur 11.2 Goes live!
For Mac users, Big Sur has also had a big update with better bluetooth reliability (which I'm super hoping for, although the issues seem to have reduced a lot recently!), a fix for external displays using HDMI to DVI converters occasionally showing black screens, more reliable saving of ProRAW changes in photos, iCloud issues, System Preferences not always unlocking properly and what we've all been crying out for, a fix for the EMOJI key. Thank Jupiter.

I'll be installing this in a day or so after establishing that it doesn't cause the apocalypse as there's always a chance that the update gets pulled within 24 hours, and I'd really like to still be able to make videos. I'll keep you updated.

Ben Demir 
#icaveanswers some rumors says that iPhone 13 can be iPad pro design. Like no notch and full screen with all of the sensors are top of the screen. Can it be really an ipad pro screen design?

#ICaveAnswers Are you gonna release merch?

vinay spidey 
#icaveanswers How many years will the Apple silicon mackbooks gets software update ?????????

Dennis W 
#icaveanswers The problem I have with this air tag rumor is are they using my data to ping off my phone for their location? I have a real issue if they are using my data to ping someone else's air tag.

Great content, iCave Dave! Do you believe that coming MagSafe charging for the ???? will return to a proprietary format as opposed to a universal USB-C connector? #iCaveAnswers

Sol Quint 
Do you think they'll release an M1, non X iMac, for a low cost model? EDIT: Second question, do you think we'll se M1X MBPs as a stopgap measure until the chassis redesign, or not?

TheOfficial Team-B 
#icaveanswers, I have a crucial x8 external ssd for my Mac but it is heating up a lot in a relatively short time, I watched reviews on YouTube and none of the reviews talk about the heating issues, I checked the reviews for it on Amazon and many people were also complaining about the heating issue, does this happen with all the portable external ssd's or is it this particular ssd

Doug Willis 
#ICaveAnswers There has been virtually no discussion on if we will see a new Space Gary Mac Mini with a higher spec'd M1X chip and more ports in 2021. I have a 2019 Mac mini with an I7 chip, 16mb ram and 1tb hard disk. To upgrade to an M1 Mac mini at this point is not enough of a performance boost at this point for the money I would need to pay. However an M1X with more ports and better graphics would probably tempt me. Look forward to your take on this.

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