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Fenugreek Hair Mask For Hair Growth Fenugreek Hair Mask Fenugreek Seeds Benefits

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Fenugreek Hair Mask For Hair Growth|Fenugreek Hair Mask|Fenugreek Seeds Benefits
fenugreek hair mask for thinning hair
1) fenugreek paste 2ts
2)coconut oil 2ts

miracle hair mask fenugreek and yogurt
1)fenugreek paste 3ts
2) yogurt 5ts
3)coconut oil1ts
4) vitamin-e-capsule 1

fenugreek hair mask for dandruff
1)fenugreek paste 3ts
2) lemon one
Assalam-o-alikum, My Name Is Saima. My channel is about health care health tips beauty tips home remedies .My goal are those woman and student female who are not familiar those simple remedies and treatment with fruit and vegetables and other.

I want to empower both male and female to give them knowledge about these things in Urdu or Hindi language for their convenience to learn about more asan gharelu ilaj health benefits of fruits and vegetables simple cure and treatments with ordinary things.

I know most of us cannot affords these expensive product for skin whitening
Acne blackheads pore etc. so my goal is to share those beauty home remedies and hacks that can be afforded anyone. That is my main purpose to sharing my videos so anyone can make these homemade remedies without any Hurdles. I hope you will like my creativity and ideas for beauty within us and for our skin as well.

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