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How to Crochet Face Mask Connector Ear Saver Adopter Band Eng Hindi Urdu DollyCraft

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How to Crochet Face Mask Connector |Ear Saver |Adopter |Band [Eng] Hindi & Urdu #DollyCraft |Crochet |tutorial

Please do not copy my video tutorial without permission. By rights. This Pattern is my original creation and you are not allowed to copy the work and creat a video or in any type of material without permission.

It does sound easy and simple but please do not copy, distribute, record, a video, upload remake and sells this Pattern without my permission. I put alot of effort and hardwork to create this work so that you can make for yourself, friends and your loved one.

EAR SAVER FOR |New Beginner |very easy

(Pink, white, gray)

Ear Saver feather style ( pink, yellow,  orange, Green, red )

Ear Saver ( offwhite & white)

Ear Saver ( Flower,  Yellow,  Orange,  Pink,  Red, turkis)

EAR SAVER ( Baby yellow &:creme color)

Ear Saver ( offwhite & gray )

Ear saver ( musterd & white & offwhite)

Ear Saver ( Cluster) musterd,  offwhite,  gray

Ear Saver ( white & creame color, Breclet style)

Ear Saver ( puff stitch, white)

Ear Saver puff stitch & dc ( Green,  mehroon, musterd,  offwhite)

Ear Saver lyce style( Green,  white,  pink)

Ear Saver ( Army green & mehroon & offwhite)

Crochet Headband For Kids

Ear Saver ( mehroon)

Ear saver with bead  ( pink & white & Green)

Ear Saver ( white & mehroon)

Rose Connector (Ear saver)

2 mintes (Ear Saver)

Ear Saver ( yellow Flower)

Ear Saver with Flower ( white & musterd )


Ear Saver ( yellow & baby yellow)

Ear Saver ( møreller farge & style)

Ear Saver ( Red, Yellow,  Turkis, plommer)

Mask Strap

Mask Strap

Mask Strap

[  ]

Ear saver with DIY BUTTON #Pink/ yellow

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????: Running Waters

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