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How to sew a face mask Normal guy 5 minute graft

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Main fabric - 100% linen

Lining fabric - 100% cotton

Step by step:
1. For cutout place the fabric so that the right sides are facing each other.

2. Put the mask pattern on the fabric, pin it down. Cut the pattern out, leaving 1-1,5cm extra space from the edge of the pattern / sewing line. You can draw the sewing line with chalk or pencil if You wish to be extra precise.

Cut out 4 piecs - 2 from the main fabric and 2 from the lining fabric

3. Sew the nose part together, both on main and lining fabric.

4. Sew the outer rim with zigzag or similar machine option. Cut out triangular pieces, watch out to not cut into the straight seam. These cutouts will allow the mask to bend better.

5. Optional - sew the seam from right side. Both main fabric and lining.

6. Place the 2 masks together, facing right sides. Pin the sides and sew. zigzag the edges and cut straight lines to avoid strains and pulls after you turn the mask over.

7. Turn the mask over to the right side. Pin the upper and lower sides and sew.

8. Turn in both of the ear edges, pin the rubber band from both ends and sew. You can re-use medical masks old bands (cut them off).

9. Iron the mask and You can wear it straight away.

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