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K N Face Mask Review Filtration experts now make a filter for your FACE

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Not that anyone is thrilled about it, but we might be asked to wear face masks in public for a while to come. I figure, if you are going to wear a face mask why not wear something cool?

Links to where you can get your K&N Face Mask:

0:00 - Humorous introduction
0:32 - Overview and my thoughts on the current state of mask wearing
1:49 - What I like the idea of K&N making a face masks
2:26 - Introducing the K&N face mask colors and costs
2:52 - Ear loop adjusters
3:17 - Procool fabric
3:34 - Action strap
4:01 - Silvadur woven into fabric - what the heck does that mean?
5:22 - How effective is it?
6:19 - Questions that the YouTube comedians might have ????
6:49 - Conclusion, final thoughts, etc.

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