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Why face mask and tooner are important to protect your face Akhter Abbas 2021 Urdu Hindi

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Life Coach Akhter Abbas speaks here about a very important fact of our day to day life that has the tendency to effect life badly .Such issues are to be felt & discussed for betterment of the society. Akhter Abbas is known writer & trainer, people say him personal as well as family relationship guru .He had influenced thousands of his viewer ,readers & listeners to improve their lives. He shares his valuable findings in his videos to help his viewers for better & balanced valuable respectful lives by adopting and understanding basic facts of life . Akhter Abbas is a blessed & one of the most respected personal coach. He always help & guide his callers & listeners in personal counseling sessions . He loves his Allah Gee & works to please Him by guiding & helping people for a balanced & satisfied life here & hereafter .

For appointments one o one or on call paid counseling & consultation session of one hour
What’s app +923327468746 ,+923009468746

As well as for 5 mint free sharing on Mondays at 9 am to 10 am .You may share your amazing true story on Tuesday at 9 to 10 am for 10 to 15 mints with him directly. He loves to listen .

You may visit his website for on line courses, for his books ,videos, columns etc.

You can follow him on face book

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